Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Fellowship

On Christmas Day, we spent some time at Mom's parents...

A walk at almost dusk

We enjoyed having four extra girls around the house for a while! The "middle girls" took the picture for us five.

Mom's sister, her husband, and their eight children gave our family the pleasure of their company for a day in our home!

There's that smile again!


Axis and Allies...again. [grin]

All but two of the girls from our families went shopping one afternoon/evening. Cato's provided skirts, even for the Northerners who don't have them as available where they reside!

I went around the house about seven thirty the evening they were visiting and captured what each person was doing. The two littlest were very busy [grin], while older ones were studiously drawing...

 These two were taking turns providing live entertainment on the piano....

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed uplifting fellowship!

The Mothers dishing up dessert...

Ellen serving coffee...according to some people dessert and coffee pair together! [grin]

Adina was serving dessert.

I entered the kitchen to Lydia wondering what I wanted done with the molasses jar lids. Like her expression! I loved working with Lydia. She is such a busy bee serving in some way that I had to "make" her stop and go enjoy dessert! Such a blessing...

Ellen took the next two pictures for us. Eleven of us enjoyed playing instruments for and with one another!

I even had extra help on the piano! [grin]
It's always sad to say good-bye for the night. What a huge blessing sweet fellowship with the Taylor family is to us all!
"Wherefore [encourage] yourselves together,
 and edify one another, even as also ye do."
{1 Thessalonians 5:11}


Anonymous said...

Y'all got braces!!! love it:)

Morgan Family said...

Yes, and we praise the Lord for providing them through the generosity of His people!!
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

I had an a fun time getting to go shopping @ one of our favorite stores+ going w/ya'll.<3 -Lydia