Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas!

May you have a wonderful day celebrating the
:: Wonderful Counsellor ::
:: Mighty God ::
:: Everlasting Father ::
:: Prince of Peace ::
His name is JESUS for he came to save His people from their sins!
{Matthew 1:23}
MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Morgans!


Alayna May said...

Merry Christmas to you all as well!
We actually exchanged our gifts today, so it feels like Christmas. We would have opened them yesterday, but our friends the Harens were over, and that wasn't going to work out...
P.S I love the Christmas tree! Very pretty!

grammie said...

You've outdone yourselves...AGAIN!! Beautiful, beautiful pictures and journaling what's going on at your house! I just love it. And since I've been so busy and then in KY for many days, I haven't been on your blog and then to find THIS! I love getting to SEE what you do at Christmas as well as hearing about it.It is reallly a blessing to me. Thank you. Thank you.
Your loving, lonesome Grammie :-)

Morgan Family said...

Oh, how fun! It's so delightful to see your family's excitement when giving them gifts. Giving is the best! =) We had our Christmas on Christmas Eve and then spent Christmas Day at Gdad and Gma's, so we mix things up too!
Hugs to you,

Morgan Family said...

Awww...I'm SO glad you enjoyed it! It was past time for some serious catching up!
Much Love to you...

Susan said...

Do I spot braces?!

Morgan Family said...

My apologies for an EXTREMELY delayed reply...yes, you do spot braces, as you know after being informed by our mother! =)
Love to you...