Monday, December 31, 2012


How awesome is God's wonderful design where two become one in marriage!This past year, my family and I have experienced the joy of witnessing five couples pledge themselves to each other...
in sickness and health...
in poverty and wealth...
in joy and sorrow...
to respect and honor...
to protect and cherish...
to forsake all others for...
to follow and encourage...
to raise a new generation for the Lord with...
to wholeheartedly advance God's kingdom with...
And to not part with each other until death.
David and Priscilla Waller
February 4, 2012
This wedding was an uplifting beginning to them all. I already posted about it way back in February...HERE and HERE. Praise the Lord for couples strongly committed to Him! David and Priscilla are overflowing with exuberance for life and serving the Lord. It's been wonderful to see how the Lord has been using them to serve Him together!

Joseph and Amanda
June 9, 2012
How exciting it was to welcome Amanda into our family! Joseph and Amanda so thoughtfully included nieces and nephews as part of their sweet ceremony. It was adorable to observe the little guys' excitement over getting to be flower girls and ring bearers. And what a beautiful church building the ceremony and reception took place in! {We love you two muchly!}

Timothy and Hannah
June 16, 2012
As a special friend of the groom's, Andrew was delighted to serve by rolling out the carpet for Timothy and Hannah's wedding, along with another friend...

Michael and Rebekah
July 28, 2012
These two love the country style and did a great job incorporating it into their wedding clothing and decor.

John and Tia
October 20, 2012
This was our last wedding of this year. It was precious to share in the joy of a couple who had been steadfastly serving the Lord, trusting Him, waiting for each other, and using their talents for His glory! The two of them played "I've Got the Joy Down in My Heart" as part of their reception. It was so fitting, and neat to listen as their musical abilities blended for a lively praise song!

Love...not about what you can get, but rather what you can give. If you haven't recognized this already, you'll soon learn that every life stage requires true love manifested for living pleasing to the Lord! Though, really, even without a special someone, what better time to practice than the present? Only through Christ can love be properly demonstrated which means it's a wonderful opportunity to exalt Him! And show the world true love.
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love doesn't envy.
Love isn't proud.
Love is selfless.
Love isn't irritable.
Love thinks no evil.
Love rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things.
Love believes all things.
Love hopes in all things.
Love endures all things.
Love never fails.

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