Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday...

to Ivan!
14 years ago...    
{Isn't he totally adorbs? I love the hat!}
We love watching Ivan dream up new creations, listening to him practice trumpet {and more recently guitar too!!}, having him make Geography come so much more to life with his descriptions of people and countries abroad. He educates us as we hear the fascinating stories he reads...from John Welch, to how the liver functions, to the Gulf War and much more History. Recently, with little bros watching all the while {as always!} he made a remote control boat. Now a homemade table is under construction! Several times this past year, we girls have been surprised with his culinary abilities. Dessert pizza and butterdips {with much "assistance" from the younger ones!} were among the various foods made on occasions we weren't at home.  It's a joy to see the fruit of his labours...repaired fences, stacks of clean dishes {much to his sisters' delight! [grin]}, and a freshly mowed field to name a few! Yesterday, he turned 14 and we enjoyed celebrating with him. We are very, very blessed to have him in our family!
We LOVE you, Ivan!

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan!!! How is it possible that he is 14?!