Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday...

March 17, 1997
Sweet Sixteen...
Anna's birthday is one week after Ivan's. Though I didn't do a post on her birthday, I still wanted to post a little somethin' since it's "better late than never!" [grin]
I can't imagine having grown up without her! One of my best friends, we have done everything together...whether it was her getting married and having babies {all imaginary of course!}, exploring the great outdoors, wishing she and I were twins, running a "laundry service" after Mom had Andrew, camping in the backyard, and many more memories, we've had wonderful times together!
To celebrate Anna's birthday we had grandparents and friends over for the evening!! Andrew, Alanna, and William were extremely eager to help me with the meal {as always!}, especially when the time came to make dessert. In fact, Andrew was so excited about the evening's get together that he was asking me how he could help first thing in the morning. Before breakfast, he'd already peeled and cut over a dozen carrots for fried rice! And just in case you wondered, this is typical of him when he's excited. How I love enthusiaism!
Everyone was feeling great. Until...Andrew woke up from a late afternoon rest with his stomach hurting, and our guests were soon to arrive. Before long, it was obvious he had the stomach bug. But, since they were nearly at our home they came anyway. Praying in faith that no one else would get sick, and taking extra precautions {like spendin' most the evening outside...which is a blast anyways!} we went on with the night. We all felt so bad for Andrew, and some of them did get to encourage him...just through the bedroom window! 
And Praise the Lord, no one else got sick...all 24 of us were spared of the dreaded bug. Even though the evening was changed and shortened, we still made special memories and together saw God's mercy in the little things of life! Two days later, Andrew was back out clearing a larger trail in the woods for the next time his buddies would get to come over...[grin]

Little guys eagerly waiting to pull the candles out...

Grandma creatively taped sixteen dollar bills together!

We love you, Anna!


Susan Schmidt said...

Anna, I know you have no problem being a sweet sixteen since you've always been sweet! :)
The dessert looks super yum (of course, I always notice the food)!

Alayna May said...

Happy birthday Anna!
It was so nice going to your house to celebrate with you...
I'm so sorry Andrew wasn't able to fellowship with his buddies because he was sick:(
Charity, that dessert was really good, and someday I need to get the recipe!
With love,

Morgan Family said...

Haha...yes, I do to! =)

Morgan Family said...

Alright...I HOPE to post it on here someday. And it was wonderful havin' y'all! It's too bad today didn't work out. =( But, Lord willing another fellowship opportunity will come! =)

mollykatelyn t said...

I didn't know you were such a cute baby!:)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Anna is 16! I'm glad that she got to have a special party, but so so sorry to hear that Andrew had to miss it....poor guy. Love the
placemats to by the way. : ) ~Aunt Leah