Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Antique Cars

This past Saturday Anna, Ivan, Ellen, Andrew, Alanna, William and I went with our grandparents to the flea market and also saw some old cars. Since I failed to exchange the 50 mm lens for the 18-55 mm one, it made getting full length pictures of cars difficult, but I was able to capture a few... {Thank you Grandaddy and Grandma for taking us. We sure enjoyed it!}

 So 60's...

And a FORD pickup!...had to get a picture with this one!

I loved the step back in time! I also thought about how without the all the work the owners have done, these vehicles would be unusable. They're just...things. Yet, how many people spend fortunes on vehicles and other material possessions that don't really matter, and certianly don't impact eternity. My desire is to invest in what matters eternally, for my heart will be where my treasure is! God will supply everthing I and my family truly need!

"But seek ye first the kingom of God, and
His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you!"
 {Matthew 6:33}


Evan Feldman said...

I'm sure you all had fun! So many cars... looks like boys element=) I bet it was nice being out with your grandparents!

Charity said...

Yes, it was. William was especially impressed! And we had a special time with Grandaddy and Grandma! =)