Saturday, June 15, 2013


For a long while I've been hoping to acquire chickens. I'm planning to get some freshly hatched ones in a couple months, and Ivan, Andrew and I have been talking about, and eagerly anticpating the time coming. Well, last week friends of ours offered their rooster and two hens to us! When other friends of ours heard about the rooster and hens, they offered us their hen and two pullets. On Tuesday, we got our chickens!

Now Dad jokes that he's going to have to get cowboy boots since with six farm animals, he's feeling a little more country. This makes the older members of our family laugh, as we often tease him about being a city slicker, and just can't picture him in cowboy boots all the time! [grin]   

Our family being given these is just another incidence of the Lord provision and goodness to us. I had particularly wanted a rooster, but knew it would be another cost, and not something I thought I'd be able to get at first. And what happened? The Lord just gave it to me...something I hadn't even asked Him for yet! How incredibly blessed I am to see the Lord giving me my desires, even in these small ways, like Psalm 37:4 says "Delight thyself in the LORD and He will give thee the desires of thine heart." He is so good!

The rooster has sure lived up to his name: King. He snatches the others food and perches atop the nesting boxes, crowing away, while all the others watch him.

This is BAM. Andrew named it...after him. Andrew's nickname is also BAM since those are his initials and the name fits him very well! [grin]

William constantly talks about the chickens. He's imitating the rooster's crow in this picture!

There's often a crowd in their coop...all seven of us are enjoying finally having farm animals. And Jonathan's a bit too young to care about anything besides eating and getting everyone's attention!

Ivan did the most physical labor on their pen. He and I had a great time figuring out the design that was the most space and cost efficient way to make the chicken's pen as part of the dog pen we already had. It turned out really nicely, and it was such a blessing use much scrap wood and chicken wire, resulting in many dollars saved! Y'all should see the nesting boxes he built...he truly has a gift for building!

Our first egg! So far, we've only gotten one per day, since the chickens are still adjusting to their new home. With them being from two different homes, their extra amount of squabbles as they try to "dwell together in unity" sure keep us entertained!

"Then shalt thou dwell in the land and do good and verily thou shalt be fed."
{Psalm 37:3}


Alayna May said...

So glad y'all finally got some critters Charity! You know, "farm animals are great for teaching responsibility". :)
Hope they settle in well and give you lots of great eggs!

Morgan Family said...

Oh, yes about the farm animals...I've been hearing that for years. Some people seem to think that just cuz I've grown up without them I'd somehow be entirely lazy, completely irresponsible and have spent my days watching videos while remaining indoors. Well, at least my little siblings aren't threatened with the same predicament. ;) And I'm so happy we finally got some too!

Susan Schmidt said...

Y'all make cute farmers! :)

grammie said...

What fun this journal is!! King sure looks "cocky" pun intended! And the BAM chicken had her mouth open!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
I'm so tickled for all ya'll. I know you've wanted birdlings for a long time! And I loved the last picture!