Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jonathan's First Days

waterfall outside the hospital

Right after birth

Meeting his siblings for the first time!!!
We seven sure loved our two visits to the hospital, and can't ever get enough baby holding in!

Sweet dreams...
The big bro wasn't quite sure what to think of everything.

Eight siblings now!
He never lack hugs and kisses!

All ten of us! {Thanks to Grandma for capturing.}

Loved how he was sleeping with his arms crossed.

With Daddy, right before going home. {Yay!!!}

And with Mom, right after getting home!

Watching him sleep is beyond precious.
Jonathan spent his first two days recovering in the hospital. Now the last two days have been spent with all of us together again, soaking up every minute of loving and enjoying this lil' man. We're incredibly blessed to have him in our family!
"Turn unto the Lord your God: for He is gracious and merciful,
 slow to anger, and of great kindness!" {from Joel 2:13}


Susan Schmidt said...

Oh, how I love the newborn days! He is absolutely precious and I'm sure y'all are thoroughly enjoying him!
Teresa, you look great!! Can't wait to meet him.

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD everyone is home! I hope Jonathan, Teresa, and Brian have been able to rest up a bit. How blessed you all are to have each other!
~Aunt Leah

Savana said...

I'm so glad y'all are all together again... Ten is a nice easy number to remember! The water fall is gorgeous!!! Sweet pictures of Jonathan, especially the ones with y'all!
Can hardly wait to hold and meet him myself!

Morgan Family said...

Aunt Susan, we are all enjoying every minute. I selfishly wish the newborn days could last a year!

Aunt Leah, Mom has been getting alot of rest. Jonathan...well rest in people's arms. =)

Savana, I understand...I'm rather impatiently waiting to hold that sister of yours! =)