Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

From May 25th to June 25th there are five birthdays in our family. I thought y'all might enjoy seeing some pictures from our month of celebrations!

 William starts the month off...he turned three on the 25th! He gets rather self conscious with company being here for the birthday song, so I didn't manage to capture him smiling for these pictures. Oh well, he'll get to see how serious he was!

There are plenty of people eager to help open presents!

A hug from Grandaddy, after thanking he and Grandma for their gift...

 I turned eighteen on June 5th!  It's so funny seeing my little friends reactions as they asked me {for the umpteenth time! [grin]} how old I am. Most of them just shake their heads in disbelief...and say a drawn out "Wow!", then proceed to add a few more natural questions they think adults should have the answer for. [big grin] But I remember how old I thought I would feel when I finally arrived at adulthood. Having reached it, I still sometimes go to say I'm 15. I still love the simple things in life, so I guess you could call me "young at heart", though definitely eager to keep learning, take on more responsibilities, ministry opportunities, and experiencing the joy that comes with them! I'm so grateful to the Lord for the incredibly blessed life He's given me!

Anna did a great job decorating {what's new?!}.

The lil' man Riley adds so much fun to any get together!

By far the best, most anticipated birthday this past month was Jonathan's, on June 7th! We sure love him!

Ellen turned eleven on June 20th!

We all love the coke glasses from Dollar tree, so she was happy to get her own.

Alanna finished out the birthday month. She turned five on June 25th! Finally...to her it seemed she'd been looking forward to her birthday for a very long time.

She got a bike from our grandparents...

Talking to Grammie over face time.

With a little help, she was soon on her way with that new bike!

And that concludes birthday month at our home. Now we're done with them until November 25th...which feels like an incredibly long time from now, especially to Andrew, for his birthday can never come fast enough for him! [grin] Thank you again to y'all who made we five's birthday so special... coming to our birthday celebration, blessing us with sweet cards, thoughtful and generous gifts, {as in Jonathan's birthday: giving us delicious meals!} and cheerful wishes for the new year to come. We appreciate y'all!

"Blessed be the Lord God
who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation! Selah."
 {Psalm 68:19}


The Anders said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! Makes me miss everyone...

Susan Schmidt said...

I loved seeing all these pictures!
I don't think forgetting your age is such a bad thing. Just remember the year you were born. Not sure I should tell this to the world, but that is how I have to remember my own age, because there are seriously moments when I lose track of my age. :)

Savana said...

Happy Birthday William, Charity, Jonathan, Ellen, and Alanna! Wow... Lots of birthdays over the space of one month!
Sweet pictures whichever one of you took them=)

grammie said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! The cakes were wonderful!! The Peach and Rosebud's cakes were beautiful...soooo feminine! Where was your cake picture?? Will is looking more and more like BAM! The pic that made me laugh out loud was the one of Rosebud seeing her bike! Sooooooooo precious!! I sure love you people!!

Treasure said...

Happy Birthday everyone!! A special birthday wish to you, Charity! I can confidently say, that you are entering a very sweet, hard, loving, confusing, and wonderful year of learning ahead of you:) I pray the Lord's fullest blessings on you, in your eighteenth year! May God bless you as you continue to serve your heavenly Father.
p.s. Loved all the pictures:)

Morgan Family said...

Dear Treasure...You are SOOO right in describing the year. For I'm SURELY experiencing it all already! =) How thankful I am that HIS grace is more than sufficient to supply EVERY need in this journey called life!! God is truly indescribably good!
Thank you for your encouraging comment. I pray many blessings on you too!