Thursday, July 11, 2013

Frozen Deliciousness

{photo credit: Ivan}

An uncle and aunt generously gave each of us children who've had birthdays this year a $3 Dairy Queen gift card. To some, going out to eat, and going to DQ may seem like nothing special. But for us, well, the last time our family went was when an elderly man gave Mom money just to buy a treat for us children. That was around 2007. Every third blue moon {or however ya' want to put it!}...such as on our way to visit family in Ohio...we might stop at McDonald's for ice cream, but besides that we have our food homemade! This made tonight's trip to DQ a very big treat. We ordered four delicious blizzards, which everyone was excited to divide and consume! [grin]

Disclaimer: Andrew does not have a real phone, as you can tell by closely studying this picture.  Rather, he found an old case of Dad's that he wears constantly. He uses the outer part of it as his cell phone. Here he's "taking" pictures of the DQ wall. You really never know what this fella' will come up with! Oh, and notice it on his wast in the next picture. It does look pretty realistic! He's doing an imaginary "victory of iPhone over android" here, while William and Alanna do their own thing! [grin]

[Thank you, Uncle Joel and Aunt Leah, for the delicious treat. As you can tell, we enjoyed it! "The liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that watereth will himself be watered..." {Proverbs 11:25} We love y'all!]

"I will be glad and rejoice in THEE...O most high!" {Psalm 9:2}


grammie said...

What fun!! What yumminess!!

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

I love DQ!!