Friday, July 19, 2013

Sowing...and Reaping!

Note: For all non-country lovin' folks who get bored with garden talk {and many pictures!} I'd suggest ya' head on to the next post. But before doing so...I must say: "Ya' non-gardeners don't know what you're missin' out on!"  [grin]....

 It was February. Here in the Sunshine state, spring would soon arrive...

 There wasn't much left in our winter garden....

And so my brain went to work, dreaming up some new ideas for expanision and hopefully much reaping from our spring garden. Now, only to make those ideas happen... {that's when it get's difficult sometimes...[big grin]}! Instead of using just the four 4' by 8' boxes we already had, my siblings and I worked to make them 12' by 8'. We used the space between the boxes as part of the boxes, giving us sixteen feet of leftover wood which helped to create another box that size.

In 2010, we first tried raised bed gardening. We had much better results then in previous years using the traditional gardening method, but they still weren't that great. This spring, I heard about the video "Back to Eden". Y'all can watch it here. It greatly expanded my {and all of our} knowledge, and helped create spring fever in more the family!

For us, Wood chips and fresh manure are needed for a successful garden. But finding those free isn't easy, and, in our case, that's how we needed them to be. This presented another opportunity to see our "Jehovah-Jireh" provide. And that He did...and so quickly. When friends got eighteen trees chopped down, they decided to use some of the wood for chips to pass on to others. And then a neighbor, whose horses we'd fed, blessed us with the much needed manure {everybody's favorite part...right?! [grin]}. The Lord is so good to give us just the perfect amount, at just the right time. Not always having what we feel we need teaches us patience, and provides many more opportunities to see His amazing provision!

Preparing to plant...{And I haven't figured out how William could see with hat on either!}

Planting green beans

One week later...

This stray cat has been found in our compost bin several times!


Don't they look delicious?!



For a while, these vegetables were brought in every week day.

Snapping green beans...

Lots of green beans, some squash, and a steady stream of okra {that's still continuing!} have been prepared and stored in our freezer.

Now that it's mid July {Wow!} the only thing still somewhat thriving is okra, and were are looking forward to our autumn garden!

William accidentally picked the whole flower for Mom...Well, he gets an A+ for effort! And it reminds me of when his older bro did the same thing!

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, 
cold and heart, summer and winter, shall not cease."
{Genesis 22:18}


grammie said...

What beautiful testimony of our Father's care! By the looks of the fruit, ya'll did a great job! And little Will is just stronger than he realized! How sweet!

Alayna May said...

You forgot to mention that huge (to us) pile of tomatoes you had in the kitchen when we visited! Great photos Charity! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can almost smell the earth! Your veggies look delicious. We just now have tomatoes ready. What will be in the autumn garden?
~Aunt Leah

Charity said...

Aunt Leah,
Thank you for your comments! That's exciting about y'all's tomatoes! We got alot of 'em too...but that's for another post. In a couple weeks I hope to do alot of catching up on here. We shall see...=)
The autumn garden won't be planted 'til September...probably lettuce, beans, peas, carrots, some squash, broccoli, and a few other things I'm forgetting at the moment! =)
Love to y'all,