Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Joys

The Lord has continued to "daily load us with benefits", of which I'm reminded when I go through pictures. A lot of these pictures were taken all the way back in May...this post has been in drafts for a long time! But I decided to publish it anyway, and share some moments from this summer...Of course the highlight of it was Jonathan's birth, but there were plenty of other great happenings in daily life...only about a tenth of them captured on camera!

 In May we celebrated all of us formal students finishing another school year, along with my graduation! Traditionally, we have a cake and an egg hunt...

Loving each other like this is the norm for these two!

Both us girls were gone getting are braces adjusted when Ivan decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. Of course, Ellen and Drew were more then happy to sample. And they tasted great!

Yard work...

"Spring" cleaning in June!

Free blueberries we got to go pick!

Is your mouth watering yet?! [grin]

So many smoothies, breads and pies just waitin' to be made!

William learned to ride a trike.

Ivan continues to beat us kids in every sport...now he's even tallest of us all!

Doing one of his favorite things: eating!

Delicious summer meals for us kids while Dad and Mom were away for the day.

The first zinnia coming up...

Haircuts! Anna's been practicing on Ivan.

Learning to fold washcloths.


Corn on the cob!

Smoothies from our blueberries and strawberries!

Evening walks, watching the sunset...

A new cousin: Jackson Cole! {This is the oldest picture. He was born three weeks before Jonathan.}


Coffee-drinking! Now there are four coffee drinkers in the house {along with a few littles who would love to drink it too!}. Ever since Mom had it while in the hospital at Jonathan's birth, she's been drinking it!

Helpin' make a birthday cake...and enjoying every little taste!

Showing how strong she is...

I already mentioned that William loves eating. That's why he's in all the cooking pictures: he wants any samples possible. Even raw potatoes!

Visit from cousins...

He's got the most adorable grin!

Team effort...

Living outdoors!

Working together...such fun!

Onion rings were a five person effort!

Sibling love...

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the name of the Lord is to be praised! 
The Lord is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens. 
Who is like unto the Lord our God who dwelleth on high?"


grammie said...

what can I say about all these wonderful pictures? I loved each and every one! I scrolled with hungry anticipation of the next! There are so many "fun" pics and pics of your everyday life! What a very special journal of your lives in the summer together. this is such a great way to store your memories. You Ladies really do a terrific job!! Love youins!

mollykatelyn t said...

Oh my goodness-loved the haircut picture!!!