Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Assorted Pictures...

I'm usually so busy livin' daily life that much of it doesn't get recorded, but here are a "few" moments and doings that did get captured!

Alanna enthusiastically declared that she was being an asset to the family. She hung up way more clothes than her allotted amount, and as is typical, she did it all with a smile and with her sidekick {William}!

Making sugar cookies...

Sleeping...with his fingers in his mouth, just like William.

Helping in the kitchen!

Meeting our newest cousin...

The three youngest cousins in the Harding family!

Vivi-June...SO precious and adorable!

William never tires of attempting to love Jonathan. Needless to say, Jonathan rarely appreciates his efforts! [smile]

"I'm sure cute..."

An impromptu quilt project that I actually remembered to take a picture of! I love how this turned out.
It's so fun to make something beautiful from scraps...

How many people can a toddler bed hold? In our case...three.

Alanna doing on of her absolute favorite things: pretendin' to be a bride! She recruited her sidekick just in time for the kiss...[smile]

Another sleeping picture...can't help but share it.

Part of an incredible rainbow we saw last night!

Best Friends...


I spotted Alanna pushing William on the swing. They had just escaped. Note that William even put on shoes...though three times his size! [smile]

Taken about 1:00 pm...he can sleep despite a few conversations going, music playing, the vacuum running, the clang of dishes, and almost any other noise you can think of! Oh the joys of big family life...

The sweetest lil' man in the world...continually being loved on and adored!

May you too find joy in the little things...the blessings of each day!
"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!"
{Psalm 118:24}

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Susan Schmidt said...

Jonathan is growing so much. So very cute!