Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11:14 am

Fresh from the oven...

We're doing Thanksgiving baking today.  The delicious aromas of yeast rolls rising, pumpkin pies, and fragrant spices are wafting through the house, making us all hungry!

Y'all want to stop by for some warm pumpkin poppers with milk or coffee?! =) {That sure would be wonderful...}

"O give thanks unto the Lord for HE is GOOD
for his mercy endureth forever!"
{Psalm 136:1}


Anonymous said...

Yum!!! I want one:)

Morgan Family said...


I wish I could give you one!

Sending love to you...=)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loved getting to see glimpses into your all's life of late. Looks like you all are staying very busy, and having lots of fun. Love you all!
~Aunt Leah