Friday, November 08, 2013

Grandparents Visit

A couple weeks ago, Pop and Grammie came to visit us. We enjoyed our time spent with them, and were once again blessed by their generosity. One day they took us to the Silver River State Park where we got to ride a glass bottom boat.

Jonathan, with his usual smile, ready to go!

Throwing pennies in a water fountain...

 Spotted a squirrel way up on top of walkway...

Sisters...we coordinated without even planning! Great minds think alike, ya' know...=)

Jonathan was kicking and ready to leave on his first boat ride! =)

 He really like looking at the water!

The glass bottom view of the springs deep down in the water is great. God's creation is so fascinating and incredible!

Grammie took us girls out to lunch and shopping while Dad, the boys and Pop went fishing. Alanna was thrilled to get to go with "the big girls" for the first time.

Grammie's birthday was coming up, so we celebrated while they were down here.

Grammie helped Alanna make these playdough molds.

Getting some loving from Pop...

Two cheerful people!

Snapshot after a round of mini golf...

"I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; and will shew forth all thy marvellous works!"
{Psalm 9:1}

[Thank you again, Pop and Grammie, for your generosity and love! And thanks to Mom for taking a few of the pictures for this post! =)]


grammie said...

what wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! what sweet memories!!!!!!! thank you for sharing them!! love all ya'll!!!!

Savana Feldman said...

How fun!That's neat y'all went in the glass bottomed boat- must have been soooo neat to see all the fish!
Times with grandparents are SUCH a treat!
Hugs to you...

grammie said...

notice in the pic of the minigolf...who the fresh and cool looking ones are and who the sweaty, about to pass out ones are. just sayin

Anonymous said...

Such Great Pictures! Love the ones of you girls. Oh, and Jonathan is looking so much older these days. I have to say, I thought the bug (grasshopper?) was very cool. So glad that you all got to spend some time together!
~Aunt Leah