Monday, November 04, 2013

Overflowing Blessings

"The blessing of the Lord maketh one rich..."{Proverbs 10:22}

One of the greatest blessings in my life is my family! Mom, Jonathan and I spent this past weekend in Texas for a wedding, and I was reminded afresh of how there is no place in the world like home...that being wherever my family is.

The conversation is endless and lively. The Bible is read and adhered too, and the hymns are still sung. The arguments are often knit-picky and normally short lived. The fun and laughter keeps work from getting accomplished simply because we're enjoying each other. The creativity never ceases. The messes of kitchen, bedrooms and laundry are big for ten people contribute to them.  The chores are done again and again until they're done right for children are being trained to become responsible adults. The games are competitive and loud. The sounds of instruments being practiced and books read aloud indicate that one is growing, learning, and making progress. The joy of watching parents married nearly 20 years still in love with each other is obvious, and the prospect of such is anticipated. The motto of "the more the merrier" is felt when just one person is absent, for life just isn't the same. The failures are often, but are forgiven and forgotten. There is disappointment one moment and excitement the next, as every moment brings something new.  The goodness, provision, love and mercy of God is continually evident. The blessing of today is recognized and the hope of tomorrow is rejoiced in.  The blessings really are too many too count.

Truly, in our life, we're experiencing overflowing blessings!

 These pictures happened impromptu one day as they were watching Dad leave to go visit someone.

"Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name!"
{Psalm 103:1}


grammie said...

You hit it on the head, as usual! Sweetheart, you are so gifted at writing. I could see and hear what you put to pen. And I thank the Lord that you indeed see and discern what is important, what is valuable. You are precious! So glad you, mom and the babe are home safely! love you moocho!

Charity said...

Thank you for all the encouragement! Love you too!