Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Texas {part 2} // time with family

 We arrived on the Friday before the wedding, in time for Samuel and Donna's rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner was at a quaint, cozy coffee shop.

Someone told the guys to act normal, and that they did...this is their "normal"! =)

Most everyone stayed at the same hotel. The lobby was an ideal place for visting, and the breakfast area perfect for eating our meals!

 Saturday morning we took a walk to a nearby park...

Lydia and Adina joined us for the refreshing time outdoors! 

On one side of the multi-lane road there was this neat walking area, then on the other there was a train track and then an airport!

 The planes weren't more then forty feet above us!! Mostly small twin engine planes...

The stream of planes coming in was constant, and even included a few old ones!

Lydia was happy to use my camera for a little while, and took this and the two next pictures.

"The Lord is good, and His tender mercies are over all His works!"
{Psalm 145:9}


Anonymous said...

How Fun! It looks like you all took over the place. : ) So glad that you got to go.
~Aunt Leah

Anonymous said...

What fun! so glad you were able to go...there's nothing like spending time with family:) it's great you were able to fly too!