Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful Moments {Autumn 2013}

It's an absolutely beautiful {and even cold!} day here in Florida, and we're all looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.

"Let the peace of GOD rule in your hearts...
and be ye thankful!"
{Colossians 3:15}

When I go through snapshots to share on here I find myself praising God for the incredible blessings our days abound with!  Our family is thankful for these many blessings captured on camera, along with countless others...God is SO good, and truly we can't thank Him enough!

Our Autumn garden...{captured soon after we planted}

Sunny days and swing rides...Alanna has learned how to keep herself going!

Baking together...There is seemingly always at least one person eager to help with whatever's happening in the kitchen. William and the other guys in our family are always very ready to sample just about anything! =) We girls sure love cooking for them, so it works out perfectly!

Daily bread...The faithfulness of God, even in the daily things, must not be forgotten! And He has given us much more then just bread too!

Big, strong and athletic brother...Every couple weeks, I feel like Ivan's grown another half inch! =) 

Cousins...these two got along famously!

Chickens...These were just one of the MANY unexpected blessings of the past few months {read more here}. William and Alayna love chasing ours around!

Bright blue eyes, and big smiles...These two are both just gorgeous! =)

Analee...This little girl is something else! She talks like a five year old!

Growing Jonathan...Every few days, Jonathan is doing something new.

Sunshine girl...She is a quiet, busy bee, with a very cheerful spirit!

Etsy...It has been exciting over the past month and a half to see orders come in!

Opportunities for hospitality...When the Mullets parked their bus at our house for a few days, we were blessed by the chance to fellowship with them! William loved pushing Kyra {who is just 2 days younger then him} on the swing.

Wonderful Mother...She is so good about spending time with each of us!

Outdoor fun....William is too cute to watch play t-ball.

Pet-sitting fun...While every aspect of the experience isn't, having another animal around for three weeks while Grandaddy and Grandma were away provided a great deal of entertainment!

Hardworking Dad...William loves "working" beside him.

Apples...When autumn arrives, apple pie is one of the first things to make! =)

Worker guy...He loves any outdoor chore!

Speeches for the students...Ellen was practicing for her's in this picture. The most recent event for all the homeschoolers at church was giving "Who Am I?" speeches. Each child picked a Bible character, told the story of that character, and did it without saying that character's name. At the end of the speech, the audience guessed who the Bible character was. It was a fun and encouraging evening, listening and watching as a couple dozen children gave speeches. Ivan told about Stephen, Ellen chose Ruth and Andrew as we expected chose Andrew. =) They each did a great job! 

Garden produce...I so enjoy getting to make salad with ingredients from our own garden. Thank the Lord for fresh produce!

Learning homemaking skills...I shaped the first few cookie dough balls with Alanna, and after that she was on her own. She stuck at the task and got them all done! I love daily opportunities to teach this "homemaker-in-training". She is a wonderful student!

Sharing the gospel...We worked together to label 1200 gospel's of John with our church name and website address, before they were distributed. It's so neat when we all get to be involved in sharing the gospel!

Sweet moments...They are scattered all throughout the day! It was adorable to watch Alanna "play" the violin.

Three-year-old entertainment...William can be such a ham!

A fun-filled autumn picnic...Our family is always excited when the spring or fall picnic season for church rolls around again. The picnic is an afternoon/evening with games for every age and a potluck dinner.  Everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy it! =) This picture is the only one I have from the day, taken right before the party was over... {Thank you to a friend for capturing it for us!}

Jolly little man...Jonathan, with all his chubbiness and cuteness, continually brings us joy!

Cowgirl boots...Alanna's been wanting some for a while, and we were surprise to come across a pair at our favorite thrift store. Perfect for winter shoes!

Grandparents...Grandaddy and Grandma were enjoying these two chubby cousins! =)

Warm welcomes... Being on the receiving end of hospitality is an incredible blessing too! With the "what do we know about each other" "quiz",  entertaining stories, loads of laughter, and lots of lively conversation over a yummy dinner, hide n' seek for all us kids, intense rounds of dutch blitz {scores are going unmentioned this time! =)}, singing together and more...the time together went by far too quickly!  We really appreciated the "Merry's" hospitality!  They were once again so encouraging and a blast to fellowship with!!  =)

Brother love and produce...I love watching patient Ivan with the younger ones. He's such a great big brother! We've all been excited to get tangelos from our own tree this year! 

Cozy evenings...These are fantastic after a long, busy day.  So thankful for family!

I hope ya'll were blessed by these thankful moments in pictures! What daily happenings are you thankful for?

"Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works 
which thou hast doneand thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: 
if I would declare and speak of them,
they are more than can be numbered." {Psalm 40:5}


grammie said...

Your "thankful" journal is TERRIFIC!! I can't get enough of looking at them! I just loved having all those posts "in a row" to get to see! You have been hard at work on the blog, and I'm so grateful!! It's so appreciated, Sweetheart. (you and Cakes are just wonderful photographers, by the way) Love you!

Susan Schmidt said...

I loved looking through all these pictures and reading your recent posts. That Jonathan is such a chubby little guy and so adorable!

Morgan Family said...

Grammie and Susan,

Thank y'all so much for your encouraging comments! They always make me smile.

Love y'all!

The Anders said...

Love all the pictures! Fun to see my kiddos on here too. :)

Ashley said...

I love the pictures! I also love Thanksgiving. God is good all the time- all the time God is good!!
Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

The pics are so cute!!! William & Jonathon are so cute.-Lydia