Saturday, February 08, 2014

Joyous Reunion

It was Tuesday, January 26th, 9:17 p.m.

At last, the day for Dad's return from a land far across the Atlantic had come! We were overjoyed...waiting for his plane to land. Due to passenger issues on his flight from Dubia to New York City, the flight had been delayed an hour. This caused him to miss his next connection, arriving back in Florida several hours later than expected.

Twelve days earlier, he left at 4 o'clock in the morning on his first missions trip. He and Grandaddy went to teach 150 national pastors, preach in several churches, and encourage fellow believers. The goodbyes were sad and the separation more so, but as he sent reports of what God was doing in India we knew the trip was WORTH IT. Especially when we were oh-so-close to seeing Dad again!


very happy Mom...

Let's see who spots him first...

...And he's here!

Dad has showed us hundreds of pictures, videos, and told story after story.  As I type, I'm waiting for pictures to import on a slideshow I'm putting together for church this Sunday.  Going through them myself has made me even more excited to share much more of Dad's India experiences on here!

Shortly after Dad's return, there was another kind of reunion... A sweet, godly lady in our church met her Savior face to face.  This has made for a long, sad week, and yet we rejoiced in knowing she's in Jesus presence!  Through her life we were challenged to be me joyful and giving. Her example has touched the hearts of many, bringing glory to the One she served. The memory of the just is blessed.

Just a bit of cuteness thrown in with all the text...[smile]

Family and church responsibilities find my and all of our days full to overflowing, and then when a spare moment has come, well...there's a brother who's ready for a game of checkers, a little sister to draw a picture for someone with, and a baby brother who wants to be rocked, people who'd love a card in the mail, making a meal for someone in need...the list goes on. I do hope to share some of the many blessings our days have been filled with of late, but I make no promises of many posts, for the precious moments in my life spent loving and serving the people I love best are increasingly more important to me than consistent blogging.  Because life is short. people are irreplaceable. and the little moments accumulate into the whole of our lives. I need to run for's time to help get dinner on the table! In closing, here's a favorite quote of mine that sums this post up...

"Only one life, so soon it will pass; 
only what's done for Christ will last!
Only one chance to do His will,
So give to Jesus ALL your days;
It's the only life that pays,
When you recall you have but one life!"


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful pictures! So thankful for the safe and encouraging trip. Thankful for a happy reunion for you all!
~Aunt Leah

grammie said...

so tickled to see the pictures. I can always get a "feeling" of being there when you write and give us pics. I love you

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Great pics of your Dad's return!!

Anonymous said...

such a happy time! So glad he had a good trip, and is home safe...