Saturday, April 05, 2014

Happy 17th Anna!


Anna is musical, artistic, fun-loving, and competitive. Copying how she heard a song played on the radio is normal for her; singing nearly every part in the hymnbook she finds enjoyable. Teaching herself violin over the past couple years has brought extra liveliness to the music in our home, showing us more of her God-given abilities. She's the one who does hair all sorts of lovely ways. She absolutely loves giving Jonathan attention. She works out, enjoys volleyball and football, and just loves any of the three aforementioned activities because they involve competition! She's a spark in our family.
We love you!

These impromptu pictures were too beautiful to not share...

"Great is the LORD
and greatly to be praised; and
His greatness is unsearchable!"
{Psalm 145:3}

[P.S. Ahem...Yes, I do know this post is very late--I kept not getting it published. For this time, let's just pretend we're in Belgium where birthday celebrations last a month! [smile]]


Paige said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Your cheerful attitude and bright smile encourage me every time I see you. May God lead and guide you in all you do. Love ya'

Morgan Family said...

Anna and I were delightfully surprised to hear from you...we were wondering which one of y'all would leave a comment first! =)
Blessed by and love ya' too...
Charity and Anna

Anonymous said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Anna! Gorgeous pictures! We love you, and hope you have a wonderful 18th year.
~Aunt Leah

Kaitlyn Bergen said...

Happy [late] birthday, Anna! Love all the pictures! =)