Saturday, June 07, 2014

Jonathan--One Year Old

 Can it really be possible that Jonathan turns one year old today? 

Our first year with him has flown by!  And what wonderful memories it has entailed:

the joyous day we welcomed him into our family 
those precious days of having a newborn in the house again 
showering him with hugs and kisses and hardly putting him down {and we still do! [grin]}
seeing him become more alert and aware of his surroundings
celebrating him turning one month old  {and having celebrated each new month since then!}
observing him get cuter everyday! [grin]
hearing his first bits of baby jabber and watching him wave his lil' hands in excitement
including him in everything {even schoolwork!}
"stylin'" his hair just for fun
celebrating thanksgiving, and then Christmas with him for the first time
him becoming attached to various ones of us {really everyone besides the youngest ones who shower him with more love then he prefers! [grin]}
his first taste of rice cereal
the exciting addition of a darling new kitchen helper
cheering him on; voting him most lovable  
capturing his adorableness
and so very much more.

He even got a candle at breakfast!  [grin]  Cuteness overload...

He never lacks love and attention whether we're entertaining him, kissing and hugging him, or just watching his cute antics.  We love him to the moon and back...and back again!  We praise the Lord for blessing us with this PRECIOUS lil' man! 

Oh taste and see that the LORD is GOOD
blessed is the man that trusteth in Him!"
{Psalm 34:7}


Susan Schmidt said...

Adorable!! Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st B-day Jonny!!! <3 Lydia & Julianne =)

Savana said...

Happy Birthday Jonny! Already ONE year old... WOW! Super cute photos girls!
Love ya'

The Anders said...

How is that possible?!? So cute!

Anonymous said...

What a precious, cutie! Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We may actually get your card to you by your 13 month birthday. : ) Great Pictures! Hey, where are the pictures for Charity's birthday?!?! : )
~Aunt Leah

Morgan Family said...

Hey Aunt Leah!
Well...who wants to write a post for their own birthday?! =) I'm perfectly fine with not getting one, though I really enjoy doing them for everyone else! =)
Love to you...

Susan Schmidt said...

Yes, Charity, I was wondering where your post was too! I think Anna needs to hijack the blog. :)

franny said...