Monday, July 21, 2014

Creation Museum {part 1}

The Creation Museum is an amazing place, and we were so blessed to visit it.

We loved the various displays...{love this picture!}

Despite what Voltair and the many other false teachers, both past and present say,  God's Word SHALL stand forever!

So true!

Sweet buddies!

Lunchtime on the deck...

Watching one of the many short movies about God's creation...

Very blurry, I know, but too sweet to not post!

Alanna loved that she knows what word is "God".  [smile]

 Dinosaurs and monsters as illustrated by various place around the world.

Re-grouping before heading outdoors...
Praise the Lord that a place like this still exists, boldly proclaiming truth as a shining light in our dark world! We loved visiting, and encourage all of y'all to go see it for yourself!  

{Coming soon:  a post chock full of incredible beauty!  [smile]}

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Anonymous said...

Jered is such a little cutie.-Lyd