Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love in the Little Things

I found this incomplete drawing in my room, just waitin' to bring cheer.  Alanna loves drawing for others!  

By example,  Mom has shown us the need and BLESSING of doing seemingly little things for others.  Those simple things that mean so much and express love in such a day brightening way...a smile. an encouraging word. a picture. a handwritten note.  a verbal thank you for everything they do and mean to you.  asking about them.  fresh picked flowers--even one wildflower.  a listening ear.  fixing their coffee.  making their bed.  cooking their favorite food.  cleaning up a mess they made. The list goes on!  We have today to show love, so let's make the most of it, being attentive to ways we can bless the precious people in our lives with those fantastic "just because I love you's".  With the love of God dwelling in us this is possible! 

"And above all things have FERVENT LOVE among yourselves!"
{1 Peter 4:8a}

P.S. This post was written while reminding myself! [smile]


Alayna Feldman said...

How true! Thank you for the reminder, Charity!

Anonymous said...

That's precious!

Susan Schmidt said...

Sweet thoughts and beautiful job on the picture, Alanna!

grammie said...

That's so Rosebud! Great thoughts, Sugar! Thank you for the encouragement!