Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Of Sixty Items and a Summer Sale

In just over one month, Impact Inspired Shop has gained twenty new items.   With a table runner, canvas, jewelry, doll dresses, ladies skirts, girls dresses, a scripture print and coasters included, our selection continues to expand. Whether it's a new baby gift, a wedding gift, clothes for girls and ladies of all ages, home decor, or jewelry, there's an abundance to choose from!

Because most every item on our shop is made to order the customization possibilities are seemingly endless.  For example, you may love the canvases, but prefer different color themes. Don't hesitate to ask! 

Or you could order the ladies chevron skirt in pink instead of red {and many other chevron colors!}. Or your could order that style skirt in a more traditional fabric seen on our shop. You can have it knee length or all the way to your ankles.  Can't you imagine all the possible fabrics, lengths, and colors?

Another example is the table runner.  Maybe you love the fabric combo of this bag or this dress or this grocery bag holder.  Those fabrics {and nearly any fabric seen on our shop} can be used in a table runner...or a dress...or coasters!  This pertains to every sewn item on the shop.  Browse our store for your favorite fabrics, pick your item, request it custom done and I'll do my very best to accommodate you.  Use your ideas, and have fun!

Currently, there's a summer sale going, allowing you to get 30% off any order.  Use code SUMMERLUV at checkout.  If you're someone I'm blessed to see on a regular basis you'll be reimbursed for shipping. [smile]

Warm Tones Floral Ruffled Table Runner 
30% Off = $17.52
{Click on the text below each item to view details!}

Spring Days Doll Dress  30% Off = $10.52

If you love what you see, please pass the word along; whether it's on your blog, facebook, email, or good ole' word of mouth.  Thank you so much!
:: Happy Shopping! ::

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Anonymous said...

I love the canvas idea + I love taking and looking at nature pictures.=)Lydia