Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Day 2:  Blue skies and mission aviation!

Blue skies, puffy white clouds, and hot sun rays create a picturesque horizon.  On days like today, one of us will remark “it’s a perfect time for flying!”   In honor of Orville Wright’s birthday, August 19th is nominated National Aviation Day.  

As I type, one of my uncles is somewhere over the Caribbean Sea, flying mission planes for MFI {learn more here!} Throughout the years, it's been very upsetting to hear mission aviation undermined. Yes, my uncle and all others who fly for missions may not be the preacher, orphanage director, doctor, or full time evangelist.  BUT, without missionary pilots, the work of the aforementioned individuals is hindered, or in many cases…impossible. 

I can’t help but be happy thinking of these pilots {and their amazing, supportive wives!} who are serving behind the scenes; filling a crucial gap for the one-the-scene missionaries—all of them sharing the goal of spreading the love and good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard. 

Mission aviation is such an incredible tool and worthy goal.  It's an honor to pray for and wholeheartedly support.

“If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there…”
{Psalm 139:8}

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at the clouds,they can look so cool.=)-Lydia