Monday, August 18, 2014

Twenty Years!

 On August 6th,  Dad and Mom celebrated twenty years of marriage!

Breakfast outside, given by cheerful servers!  Pancakes, bacon, peaches...and of course, coffee!

Cards, too!

These two were more then eager to take anything to their table.

 Mom showing Ellen and Alanna wedding pictures, enjoy the pretty table still partially set from breakfast.  [smile]
 Their anniversary cake, based on our current favorite recipe!  They had a lunch date, but then dinner at home with all of us.  Hearing memories from their wedding day along with Dad's hilarious imitations was most entertaining!  

We're beyond blessed with the amazing parents God has given us.  We couldn't ask for anyone better; their example is one we aspire to. Their love for Jesus, one another, we children, and others is so genuine.  We love you, Dad and Mom!

The mercy of the LORD is 
from everlasting to everlasting 
upon them that fear him, and 
His righteousness unto children's children!
{Psalm 103:17}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary Brian and Teresa! We love you both.

~aunt leah

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Uncle Brian&Aunt Teresa!-Lydia

Susan Schmidt said...

Twenty years!!... amazing! Happy Anniversary. :)