Sunday, November 02, 2014


Day 77: Freedom to Worship.
Sunday...the Lord's truly the best day of the week.  We worshipped God through the Lord's Supper, two services filled with excellent preaching, prayer, and singing, and then the guys went out evangelizing.  As we and friends fellowshipped and sang hymns at our grandparents that evening,  I was struck again with the richness of our freedom as American Christians.  Here, I can enjoy a peaceful Lord's Day, while believers around the world suffer through horrible situations.  Many face extreme torture or death because they won't deny Jesus. Our lives are so different, yet we both have experienced God's amazing grace.  We love and serve the same Lord Jesus. This bond should unite us; causing us to pour out our hearts to the Lord for grace and relief, courage and peace for our brothers and sisters. Let us remember those in bonds as bound with them...what if WE were in THEIR shoes?

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