Saturday, January 16, 2016

Northern Memories {December 2015}

In mid-December we traveled to OH to visit family, and celebrate an early Christmas with them. Here's a "few" of the many moments captured: 

Storytime {At the Rehab facility while Dad and Mom visited with Nanaw, a lady walked by and said "that's a picture moment" to which Anna grabbed one on her phone}

Train around the Christmas tree {a BIG hit!}
Johnny cruisin'!
Christmas concert
Chillin' on Sunday night

These two have such fun together {and, yes, we know this picture isn't focused correctly but still liked it!  [smile]}

Tea Time
Crafts Galore
Stealing a kiss...[smile]

They got along almost perfectly, and were fun to watch!

More storytime! {naturally, she noticed the camera when Anna was trying to sneak a picture in [smile]}

Laughter all around!
Push up competition!

Shoulder and neck massages...Relaxing like bosses! [smile]

Ice skating for the first time!
Dinner at Dad's sister's!

Walk through Christmas... We really enjoyed a free Christmas farm that has a mile long lit up path telling the Bible's story from Genesis to Revelation!

The entrance
The silo changed between the cross and the star of David.
In the barn...Anna and I LOVED the Christmas lights in there!

Air Force Museum...We could spend days there!  Dad watched this plane land as a teenager when it came to be displayed the museum. 

Lil' Pilot...Big dreams.
Indoor sled since there wasn't snow outside!
Whispering game tips!

Christmas scenes...drawn on top of our heads. [smile]
Chess; one of many fun traditions!
"Chuga- Chuga- Choo - Choo...!"
Dinner preparations...
"The Jubilee Singers" serenading us with Deck the Halls!
Gathered 'round the Snowman Pop...
Cousin Love
Johnny's gifts were a major hit, specifically the sleeping bag!

Dad and Mom opening gifts
Anna's turn...with a captive audience [smile]
Tuckered lil' sweetie!

Ivan giving us a good laugh! We had to sing "Oh Christmas Tree" over this. [smile]
Coordinating Cousins!
Mom's birthday was while we were in Ohio, so everyone put on a party...
Pizza Dinner...
The birthday girl!
Lots of yummy smelling candles...
Watching someone open gifts and seeing people's reactions is most enjoyable. 
We are so thankful for the wonderful Mom gave us...She is one of my heroes, and I couldn't be more blessed by her godly example and love!
More Cousins...[smile]
And to finish off this post...Drum roll, please, as I present the one and only picture of SNOW! We loved the few minutes of watching it fall on December 18th!

Praise the Lord for many special times with family!

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end!"
{Lamentations 3:22}


Susan Schmidt said...

Loved seeing these moments. I'm quite impressed with Ivan's hat/beard thing he has going on. :)

grammie said...

Still missing y'all so much! Thank you for letting me bask and sniff in the memories again! Love you people so much!

The Anders said...

Looks like so much fun.