Friday, June 24, 2016

366 Moments: February//March//April

Today I'm digging a post out of I went to publish a month ago and then never finished! =)
Thinking back on February through April, I'm so grateful for God's sustaining grace and faithfulness in the hard and and happy times! Truly "there is none like unto thee, O Lord ; thou art great, and thy name is great in might. "(Jer. 10:6)
32/366: Coming home from time with friends! 
33/366: Daddy and Johnny train time! 
34/366: Having a blast in the tulle while I worked on wedding preparations!
35/366: Much needed rain! 
36/366: Babysitting fun
38/366: There was a wedding in the family...xD
Throwing in this picture just because! =)
39/366: Good News Club! So grateful for the Monday afternoons spent with 40-80 kids!! 

40/366: Mailing some love to camp girls for Valentine's Day!
42/366: Fresh Apple Muffins
43/366: Sweetness!
44/366: Sickness strikes...bring on the Chicken Noodle Soup
45/366: Valentine's Day gorgeousness!
46/366: Our instrumentalists =)
47/366: Etsy orders ready to ship!
49/366: Celebrating Dad's birthday (five days late since we were sick)
50/366: My one pic from N+E's rehearsal night - putting the final touches on decor!
51/366: February 20, 2016...The new Mr. and Mrs.!  See more pictures HERE.
52/366: Editing wedding pictures begins! 
53/366: Mexican train at Grandaddy and Grandma's!
54/366: Nice n' welcoming for Dad and Mom's return from KY for Nanaw's funeral after she passed away on the 19th.
55/366: Nighttime glory of our awesome God!!
57/366: Brothers ready for a cookout.
58/366: Baked Delectableness.
60/366: Leap Day! =)
63/366: Cousins and friends having fun together!
66/366: Sure day brightener: hot pink gerber daisies!
67/366: Breakfast cookies
68/366: Smiling oranges!
69/366: Birthday present in the mail to Anna's camp buddy!
70/366: Ivan turns 17!
73/366: Springtime Sunshine
74/366: Calls for Cruz!  Anna and I made a couple thousand, and count it a privilege to have worked in has campaign!  So sad he lost the nomination. We're were praying for a miracle!
75/366: Anna's first time voting!
77/366: Anna turns 19!
81/366: Yay for spring!
82/365: Donating blood, saving lives
83/366: Sister laughs
85/366: My dishwashing buddy
86/366: Relaxin' together
87/366: Grateful for fantastic siblings!
88/366: Cards for kids on the last Good News Club day of the season
89/366: Up and coming pantry organizer =)
90/366: Doing his favorite chore!
91/366: Closing out March singing with some fun company!
92/366: Gorgeous evening, soaking in the beautiful sunset
93/366: Baby shower for our newest niece/cousin!
95/366: Fishing trip on the Gulf (Anna took this shot =))
96/366: Back from his first trip to the dentist
97/366: Helping with a Wednesday chore: watering plants
99/366: 4.8.16 A day we won't ever forget (this pic is from a few weeks prior)...the day Simeon tragically died. We grew up together. Both born in '95, we spent 15 years of life in the same church, and even graduated from high school together. His birthday fell exactly four months after mine, and as kids he'd always be so excited when my birthday came, because his was only four months away!  Any given Sunday, you could count on Simeon to be in the kitchen, serving up sodas for everyone.  Even if it was by himself, with no one keeping him company or thanking him, he did it. He could be counted on to take out the big trash bags from Sunday lunches, to mop the kitchen floor after an event just because he saw it needed doing, to help us decorate...and he did it with a smile.   He inspired us to give blood because "it's at least something small we can do for others."  He was the boy who climbed the highest tree, or found the best hiding spots for hide n' seek in the dark at church bonfires.  He was known to make church picnic's a blast, heading up games for the kids.  Dodgeball and red light green light were a big hit.  He knew how to praise the kids that needed encouragement; make people feel at ease around him.  We'll always remember his bright smile and contagious enthusiasm.
101/366: In the hardest times how blessed to KNOW that my Redeemer liveth, and on the earth again shall stand!!
102/366: Playing bank
103/366: Lanna went along for a dr's appointment =)
104/366: multitasking Drew =)
105/366: Ivan got his driver's license!!!
106/366: Buddies enjoying dinner at their "house"
107/366: Headed to work in the Jeep he fixed up to sale!
108/366: Sister selfie =)
109/366: Toothless grin! More pictures HERE.
110/366: Selecting their favorites to sing =)
111/366: She getting WAY too old!
112/366: Johnny was so excited they were matching!
114/366: Team ICS takes 3rd place in the Experienced Class at the Wild Hog Canoe Race!! =)
115/366: Discussions on the swing =)
116/366: Fun family times in the evening!
117/366: Tea with my favorite lil' people EVER!
118/366: Alanna and Mom after getting back from a great checkup with the neurosurgoen. Thank you, Lord!
119/366: Homemade donuts = perfect snack
120/366: She surprised me with a gift on my nightstand! =)
121/366: Reflecting on God's faithfulness the month of April!!


The Anders said...

Loved seeing all these pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful pictures! I am glad that you were able to capture all of these moments.
~ Aunt Leah

grammie said...

so very much enjoyed these! made me cry, I miss and love you people!!