Thursday, July 21, 2016

366 Moments: May//June

hLots of the 366 moments from the past two months...
123/366: Celebrating the end of the school year!
124/366: A sunny day on the St. Johns River!
125/ 366: Meeting our new cousin, Chloe, for the first time! Anna loved holding this precious little girl. 
126/366: Ohio bound, and enjoying suckers on the way! 
127/366: Our cute cousin hanging out with Ivan during games friday night!
128/366: Being chummy before cousin pictures!
129/365: Night out with cousins!
130/366: Checking out the view through the plastic bamboo gate!
131/366: A fantastic time competing in frisbee golf one night!
132/366: The traveling photographer ;) captured some awesome shots of these kiddos!(See more pictures on her blog.) 
133/366: Cutest soldier in the history of ever all ready for war!
135/366: We were blessed to come home to garden full of green beans!
136/366: Little bros enjoying some crazy hair!
137/366: Our return from OH meant Chloe got more snuggles! ;)
139/366: Storytime with cousins. May 18th gets two pictures since it was the same day that Ivan bought his first car - a Ford Fusion! We were so excited for him, and thankful for God's blessings through Ivan's diligence!

140/366: Watermelon basket, Andrew's first of the season! 
141/366: The kind of pics my siblings love to send me when I'm not at home! :-))
143/366: Preparing for another year of RFK camp!  Anna did a grand job writing out the memory verses to hang in her cabin.
144/366: View of the sunset while on a bike ride! 
146/366: Six years old!
147/366: Some healthy muchin' bros!
Sunday, May 29th: Three super excited people headed to the RFK camp! Ivan volunteered on Sunday and was a huge help setting up the activity center. 
The RFK 2016 team! 
Monday, May 30th:  Together again!
Reuniting with our kids from last year was a precious, tear jerking, sweet moment. Anna's little girl jumped the steps on the bus and ran straight for her as soon as saw her. The excitement level among us was sky high!
Three of the four girls in Anna's cabin, enjoying chill time at the Monday night bonfire.
Tuesday, May 31st: Rock wall fun!  Tuesday night at the carnival this was a huge hit. Anna and M*** had a blast together! With snow cones, blow up slides, and all sorts of creative games all the kids look forward to the carnival.
Prissy with the perfect shot. =) K*** is such a fun, girly girl yet she loves to jump in and try new things! Both years I've loved fixing the girls hair and bringing hair accessories for them they get to take home. Just one of the many things that make our times together so special.
Wednesday, June 1st: Ready for tea!  Our girls had such a blast decorating these hats, and we wore them throughout the week.
Birthday part night! It was incredible seeing the girls' excitement to wear the new dresses they'd picked out and get their hair and makeup done. Applauding them as they came in the room, watching them open gifts, laughing with them...every aspect makes for a tear jerking, joyful night. All sixty four of these precious kids are worth CELEBRATING, and it thrills my heart to be a part of it!
Thursday, June 2nd: Working together! From paint to parachord to robotics, the activity center is a huge hit. So awesome to teach the kids and make memories together! 
Playing together! At the end of the frozen tshirt relay, and water balloon toss these four had a riot throwing water at each other. Camp is so hard, and SO fun too! This pic is one of literally hundreds of fun moments that happened throughout the week!
Friday, June 3rd: The best week of the year comes to an end.
In this picture, there are sixty four kids inside, one hundred and three volunteers on the outside. I was beyond blessed by the wide open door of ministry God gave me for six days! I loved hearing my little girl's voices, holding their hands, solving their squabbles, seeing their faces light up, writing them notes, hearing cabin chants before every meal, the parties in the dining hall, the stories and songs, hugs and high fives for and from so many of the kids, playing games, jumping off the dock together, listening to their happy and sad stories, running inside when it rained, praying with them, singing them to sleep, cheering for them, telling them they are special and beautiful, bringing Jesus into our conversations...being their trusted friend who loves them passionately. Most of all I loved the chance to loved the unloved, and let them know that they are valued and loved by a perfect heavenly father, and their royal family.
156/366: In all the craziness of packing eight people's boat load of stuff up in a short time, combined with all around emotions on Friday, I accidentally came home with this crown. The first day of camp, M***, a first time camper, had picked it out and put it on her bunny that we put on her bed. When she got a tiara at the birthday party, this one lost its importance. I wanted to capture this reminder of her, as the crown is such a picture of what happened to her at camp. Fresh into foster care, she came from a severely abused background. Monday morning when she got off the bus she was scared to make eye contact, talk, even look up-- these were just the beginning of the fears that hit her at every turn, the ones she talked to me about and I prayed for her about at night as I tried to soothe her to sleep, telling her she safe at camp. As the week went on she started showing trust and happiness! By Thursday night, she was up on stage, singing, being cheered for and smiling over the love she'd been shown. She finally felt wanted, knowing her royal family loved her! What a privilege to be part of making a difference for any child! 

157/366: Twenty one!  
158/366: A butterfly appears, with many of us looking on!
159/366: Three years old! 
160/366: Morning fun with siblings!
161/366: Playing church with cousins...Lots of song selectors in this crowd!
165/366: Preparing strawberries for the freezer.
167/366: Bit of the Jax skyline in the evening... setting sun giving a beautiful glow, on top of the city lights reflection in the St Johns River!
168/366: A beautiful flower arrangement given in honor of Mrs. Valentine. I was blessed by the short time I knew her. She demonstrated genuine love and care, and I'm inspired by her life. I'm grateful she's in heaven, forever with the Lord! 
170/366: Laughing over I-can't-remember-what at our Father's day celebration. I'm so blessed by everything my Dad is and does!
 172/366: A fun day early birthday celebration!
 173/366: Fourteen years old!
 174/366:  Ice cream cones with sprinkles..can it get any funner?
175/366: Sprinkler party!
176/366: Celebrating Alanna!
177/366: Hands down best babysitter with her favorite lil' girly!
179/366: Two days into eight, and she thinks it's great!

We're so grateful for all God's blessings in the months of May and June! His steadfast love never ceases, his mercy never comes to an end - great is His faithfulness!


The Anders said...

I loved seeing all these pictures! I miss it when you don't blog.

Brian Morgan said...

Thank you for the inspiration to blog more! :-))

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all the everyday moments...especially the awesome memories ya'll made at RFK. Missing you guys.

grammie said...

just loved each and every one! so grateful you catch such sweet memories! love you Sweetheart.

franny said...

I loved seeing the pictures from camp and reading about it.